Kevin & Vickie Black Warehouse Sale

Kevin & Vickie Black Warehouse Sale

We Have Experience . . .

WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU from start to finish with great attention to detail. We handle items from gadgets to armoires with the same goal in mind, the best return for you that the market will allow.

WE PROVIDE ADVERTISING thru a broad range of media: e-mail lists, flyers as well as targeting the high traffic areas in the vicinity with our company signs. We understand the importance of this element in the success of your sale and will make every effort to reach a broad base of customers

YOUR ITEMS are sorted, categorized, priced and presented in the most attractive manner possible. Our team is knowledgeable in the current market value of general merchandise as well as having individual areas of expertise in the collectibles market. Our ability to confer with each other during pricing assures you of fair value for your items. We do have access to outside appraisers for unusual or specialty items. Should the need arise to call on these services the expense will be absorbed by the YES company. We will never pass on hidden charges to our valued clients. Refuse from the setup will be properly disposed of before the sale. The premises will be clean and organized, our signs posted and our staff ready to handle transactions for you.

ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS are welcomed with courtesy and respect. We take time to answer questions and to be of assistance in any way possible. Our security measures are up to date and our trained staff is diligent in this regard. Our respected reputation often brings a large crowd at the opening hour. We monitor the number of persons in the house at one time both for security and safety reasons. Consideration for your neighbors will be a priority, parking across driveways or excessive noise will not be tolerated

A DETAILED ACCOUNTING and payment will be made to you in a timely manner. All signs in the neighborhood will be removed at the close of the final day. Our crew will return for a thorough cleanup and the premises will be left in a condition suitable for occupancy or sale.

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